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Standard 2.9", 3.125” Pallet Jack

5000 & 5500 Pound Capacity

  • Standard 2.9" pallet jackExtensive use of ductile cast iron part
  • Heavy 7 gauge steel in major structural components
  • Solid steel push rods instead of the standard tubular steel design
  • Premium polyurethane wheels on an aluminum core
  • Sealed bearings provide reduced rolling resistance and longer life
  • Standard 2.9” lowered height to fit industry standard pallets

PALLET MULE Standard Pallet Jacks are the right choice for high usage, mission critical operations where down-time can be very costly because it has been known for over fifty years for its durability, reliable performance and its low long term cost of ownership.

Pallet Mule All American Pallet Jacks are built heavier and more durable than the lower cost import pallet jacks to withstand the demands of continuous daily use. They are designed and built to perform safely and consistently all day every day and are supported by the most professional service and support in the industry. Don’t just settle for any pallet jack!

Fork Widths Fork Lengths Lowered Heights Weight Capacity
27, 24, 21" 48, 42, 36" 3 1/8" 5000 lbs.
27, 24, 21" 48, 42, 36" 2.9" 5000 lbs.
27, 24, 21" 48, 42, 36" 3 1/8" 5500 lbs.
27, 24, 21" 48, 42, 36" 2.9" 5500 lbs.

Ideal For Use in Non-standard Pallets,
Warped Or Bowed Pallets or Wherever
You Do Not Have Adequate Clearance

Standard 2.9" pallet jack details

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